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As a classic yacht owner or prospective buyer, understanding how to maintain condition of the vessel is crucial. At Classic Yacht Marine Surveyors, we have access to a wide array of marine surveyer tools. In this article, we will break down a couple key marine surveyor tools used by our skilled surveyors.

Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are used on exposed structures such as hull and deck, especially where there is a possibility of unnoticed leakage such as portholes and deck fittings, or any place where there are screws, cleats, etc. in a vessel. Adept at analyzing the typical materials used in boat construction such as fiberglass, wood, and composites, a moisture meter is an incredible piece of marine technology. Surveyors can find potential issues before they affect the longevity of the vessel, such as rot, delamination, or water intrusion by using a moisture meter.

Phenolic Hammer

A phenolic hammer tests the strength of fiberglass, composites, and wood found in the structures that make up a boat or marine vessel. Phenolic refers to the organic compound phenol, which is a white crystalline solid that is volatile and soluble in water and alcohol. Phenolic hammers contain phenolic resin in the handle while the head is usually covered with rubber. Because of the tool’s phenolic composition, the hammer does not cause damage to the surfaces being tested. A valuable, handheld tool typically found in a marine surveyor’s arsenal.


Classic Yacht Marine Surveyors employ a variety of tools, including the key marine surveyor tools discussed above, to thoroughly inspect and assess the condition of boats. Visual examinations, acoustic tests, particle inspection, and humidity testers all play crucial roles in the surveying process. These tools enable surveyors to provide accurate and comprehensive reports to classic yacht owners and prospective buyers, ensuring a thorough understanding of the vessel’s construction and condition.

Remember, Classic Yacht Marine Surveyors can be a crucial asset for a comprehensive assessment of your boat. Call today at (817)247-7980.

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