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The surveyor does not prepare the vessel for a survey. That will be the responsibility of the owner/purchaser. The vessel should be clean and free of any debris or clutter so that a clear look at the structure is possible. If a 'bottom inspection' has been requested, the owner will need to make arrangements with a boatyard to have the vessel hauled out of the water. The bottom should be cleaned so any defects are visible. When a 'sea trial' has been ordered, it is the responsibility of the owner to retain a captain for operation during the survey. The surveyor cannot run the boat while inspecting it. All of these things need to be coordinated prior to the inspection date and all parties informed in order to ensure a smooth and thorough survey. 

In order to purchase insurance, most companies require proof of fair market value and current condition. A survey will provide you with this necessary information. The same can be said if financing is involved. A survey will provide the lender with the appraisal they need to approve the loan. Perhaps however, more important than both the lender and insurance company, a survey will provide you the purchaser, with an in depth look at the condition, both interior and exterior, and mechanical so you have the ability to make a decision that is best for you. It has been said that a survey is the most cost effective insurance policy you can buy if it prevents you from purchasing someone else's problem.

Classic Yacht Marine Surveyors conduct comprehensive inspections to evaluate the condition, safety, and value of boats. Our examination encompasses various key areas, beginning with the hull structure, where we scrutinize for damage, cracks, and signs of deterioration in fiberglass, wood, or metal construction. Inspections extend to the deck and superstructure, assessing for water intrusion, rot, and structural integrity, including hardware and fittings. Mechanical systems, including engines, transmissions, and electrical components, are thoroughly evaluated for functionality and signs of wear or corrosion. Plumbing, fuel, and safety systems are meticulously inspected to ensure compliance with standards and proper operation. Navigation and communication equipment, interior accommodations, and hull fittings are also scrutinized for their condition and functionality. Ultimately, the survey aims to provide a comprehensive assessment, enabling buyers to make informed decisions about purchasing or maintaining the vessel.

Each survey is unique and there are many variables involved such as location, size of the vessel, condition and a host of others. Generally the inspection portion is completed in hours with minimal inconvenience to either party. This is a question for the surveyor during the initial consultation.

The party ordering the survey is responsible for payment which is required prior to the survey commencing. The 'haul out' and captain's fee are also the responsibility of the person requesting the survey. These arrangements need to be made and confirmed between the owner/buyer prior to the inspection date.

Typically putting a boat through a sea trial and visual inspection will be enough for most surveys. Belts, hoses, mounts, stringers, pumps and overall condition will be assessed however we are not engine surveyors. If an engine survey is requested it will be up to the person requesting the survey to hire a qualified technician certified by the specific engine manufacturer. They will bring proprietary tools and knowledge to the survey that most surveyors may not have. Specialized compression testing tools needed to conduct tests on various types of motors are usually not part of a surveyors toolbox. We do offer oil sample spectro-analysis at a reasonable price and those results are usually available next day. These oil tests can speak volumes about the condition of a motor or gear.

If you are requesting a survey for a boat which you already own, you may not need a sea trial. If you are purchasing a boat it is highly recommended a sea trial be conducted. During a sea trial the motors will be asked to perform under varying conditions. Typically back down tests, wide open throttle tests, control tests and function of all engine monitoring systems will be conducted. Much information about the condition and maintenance can be learned during a thorough sea trial. Highly recommended.

We are based in the North Texas however we will provide both national and international services. Normally we will split travel costs with our clients depending on distance and time required. This should be discussed during the initial consultation.

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We pride ourselves in producing the industry’s highest quality, comprehensive marine survey and boat inspection reports.

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As boat surveyors, we have been providing our clients with accurate and professional marine surveys since 2004.


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